Celtic PrideSaor Alba!! 

I can feel her distant calling, a vibration in my bones

Her heart that’s beat within me, since I made this journey alone.

She has led me not by tether, but by an aching, desperate need

To walk a path unknown to me, to follow as she leads.


I see her clearly in my mind, as though we’ve met before

I see myself one lovely day, knocking at her door.

Her scent is sweet and earthy, she is clothed in finest heather

Her voice is clear and loud to me, though lightest as a feather.


I know she is my destiny, as through this path I roam

She tells me it must be this way, until I’m finally home.

Then all will be peaceful, as I step on her rich soil

No longer will I wander, no longer will I toil.


For home has been calling me, through darkness and the rain

Before I knew my heritage, the blood running through my veins.

So now I’m trudging strongly toward this place that is my home

And I will stop my wandering, never more to roam.


Scotland is this lady, that beckons me to come

To feel her peace and love, dance to her pounding drum.

Home is where my heart is and I’m getting close you see

To planting my feet firmly, where I was meant to be.